Bellevue is a city located in King County, Washington, United States. It is situated on the east side of Lake Washington, approximately 10 miles east of downtown Seattle. The city covers an area of 36.47 square miles (94.41 km²) and has a population of approximately 148,000 people as of the 2020 census, making it the fifth-largest city in the state.


Bellevue is known for its thriving economy, upscale shopping and dining options, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is home to several major technology companies, including Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Expedia Group. In addition, the city has a vibrant downtown area known as Bellevue Square, which features high-end retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


Bellevue is also known for its beautiful parks and natural areas. The city has over 100 parks, including the popular Bellevue Downtown Park, which features a reflecting pool, waterfall, and playgrounds. In addition, the city is surrounded by several scenic areas, including Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, which features hiking trails and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Overall, Bellevue is a thriving city with a strong economy, excellent schools, and a high quality of life.

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